Getting Back In Touch With Project Management Basics

Getting Back In Touch With Project Management Basics

Today I came across a great article titled “14 Ways to be the Worst Web Project Manager” … It’s a great article that really emphasizes the fundamentals of project management basics and the career path that I’ve chosen. I’ve been managing web redesign and SEO projects for the past 3.5 years. Every project is different with its own set of technical specs and stakeholder personalities, but after reading this article it really puts a perspective on what’s important for being an effective project manager – project management basics.

With Project Management Basics in mind, here is the list of 14 Ways to be the Worst Web Project Manager:

    1. Let Interruptions Dictate Your Schedule
    2. Don’t Communicate Clearly With Your Clients
    3. Keep Your Clients Guessing
    4. If You’re Not Going to Meet a Deadline, Don’t Tell the Client
    5. Always Underestimate the Resources Needed for a Project
    6. If a Client is Being Rude, Respond in Kind
    7. Never Admit to Making a Mistake
    8. Shift Blame to Someone on Your Team
    9. Don’t Double-check Your Team’s Work
    10. Spend Very Little Time Writing E-mails
    11. Don’t Get to Know Your Team
    12. Assume Your Team is on Schedule
    13. Don’t Create a System to Remind You to Contact Clients
    14. Come into Meetings Ill-prepared

Here is a link to the article if you’d like to read the whole thing.

Or you can download the PDF Version