#SEOChat Recap – Conducting SEO Site Audits – August 4, 2016

Kicking of the first week in August here at Captivate Search Marketing, I had the honor of hosting my second #SEOChat on Twitter. The topic for the week’s #SEOChat centered on Conducting SEO Site Audits and it was claimed by many participants to one of the most engaging and insightful conversations in the #SEOChat community.

The discussion covered a number of topics related to SEO site audits, some of which included favorite tools for SEO site auditing, fundamental SEO mistakes, most common “low hanging fruit” SEO opportunities, critical off-page optimization factors, the importance of social media, Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMPs), schema markup, and much more.

I’ve put together a brief recap presentation on SlideShare that gives an overview of the 10 questions and the overall discussion. Enjoy the recap!

#SEOChat Recap Presentation

#SEOChat Recap – Local SEO Strategies – June 16, 2016

Last month, I had the privilege of hosting the weekly #SEOChat on Twitter. It was a ton of fun moderating and reading helpful insights from Local SEO leaders.

The #SEOChat group discussed everything from the best tools to use for citation management and competitive analysis, as well as insights on favorite places Local SEO experts go to to score local links for their clients, and perspectives on Microdata and local ranking factors.

I’ve put together a brief recap presentation on SlideShare that gives an overview of the 10 Question discussion. Enjoy the recap!

#SEOChat Recap Presentation

I’ll Be Hosting #SEOChat on Twitter June 16, 2016

What is #SEOChat?

#SEOChat is a weekly Twitter Chat that happens every Thursday at 1pm Eastern where leading SEOs and Digital Marketers from all around the world come together to discuss (in 140 characters or less) a specific topic related to SEO.

The Twitter hashtag #SEOChat is used to follow along and participate in the discussion. The chat goes on for about an hour and is guided by a moderator/host who asks 5-10 questions related to their topic of choice.

#SEOChat Goes Local on 6/6/16

This Thursday (June 16, 2016) is my first opportunity to host #SEOChat, and I’ll be posing questions around the topic of Local SEO!

Among the topics we’ll discuss are:

  • Favorite Local SEO Campaign & Citation Management Tools
  • Challenges that Businesses with Multiple Locations Face
  • Use of Schema.org Markup
  • Earning Local Backlinks

Tune in at 1pm Eastern Time to participate or to see what leading SEOs and Digital Marketers have to say about Local SEO in 2016!