Empower Your 2014 Atlanta SEO Strategy With These Essential Resources

SEO Strategy With Essential Resources

Whether your business is in retail, healthcare, or consulting, Atlanta has competitive search markets for countless industries and professions. To get your Atlanta SEO strategy flowing in the right direction, it’s important to have your resources in a row.

In this gem, you’ll be treated with a wealth of tips and resources to empower your local SEO strategy in 2014. So bookmark this page and use it as a guide to inspire the creative process behind your company’s Atlanta SEO strategy.

Local SEO Gold Worth Digging Into

So you want some local SEO goodies that will take your Atlanta business to the next level in local search? Of course you do!

Below are a few great resources worth checking out. We’ve broken them down into on-page SEO and off-page SEO resources, the primary subsets of a standard local SEO process.

On-page SEO Resources

Technical SEO

Understanding Schema is extremely essential in building an authoritative local search presence in 2014. Schema.org is something you or your webmaster needs to study and understand for technical SEO. In short, using Schema enables you to better communicate what your website is all about to search engines, and thus empowers your business’s ranking potential. It’s a bit code-heavy, but it’s definitely something you do not want to neglect.

SEO Copywriting & Content Optimization

Beyond the technical SEO aspects of your website, the visible and more creatively-influence content is equally important. Establishing proper keyword relevancy with on-page optimization and SEO copywriting is important to lay the foundation of a well optimized website. Visit the SEO Copywriting Blog at OrganicSEOCopywriters.com for a wealth of resources to help you learn the best practices of SEO copywriting.

Also, check out the SEO Copywriting eBook by CopyBlogger.com. Polish-up your SEO copywriting craft a bit further with this phenomenal resource by one of the most reputable sources for on-site optimization.

Off-page SEO Resources

Get Listed, for Links & Citations

The most authoritative businesses in Atlanta who are dominating their local search markets are often times listed on many local directories. To ensure your SEO efforts are up to par, check out the Best Local Directories for SEO at LocalSEOGuide.com. This is your local SEO laundry list of directories you should strive to get your business on (when appropriate.)

Another great resource to find and ensure the accuracy of your business’s directory listings is GetListed.org. Powered by Moz.com, one of the most credible websites for local SEO enlightenment is GetListed.org. Just plug n’ play and you’re on your way to finding the righteous path to SEO success.

Also a fantastic tool (and ongoing program if you have the money to invest in it) is Yext.com. With Yext, you can add your business (or verify its accuracy) on over 30 of the top local directories. This platform can save hours and hours of manual labor. Even if you can’t afford Yext, it’s still worth doing the free scan to see where you business needs improvements.

Get Social with Google+

Dive into this great read titled 10 Guaranteed Ways to Get More Google+ Page Followers from Hubspot. A major contributor to your Atlanta SEO rankings is local business’ reviews on Google+. Gather more followers on this emerging social media platform and increase you’re business’s potential for more reviews.

Ranking Rejuvenation

Have you been around the SEO block a few times? Perhaps to the point where your site might be at risk of over-optimization? Plug-in your domain at Pixel Groove’s Google Sandbox and Penalty Checker Tool where you can determine if you site has been flagged. Here you can determine if you need to rethink your link building strategies and how to re-approach off-page SEO.

Well there you have it folks – a solid list of weapons you can’t incorporate in your Atlanta SEO arsenal. Stayed tuned for more great SEO wisdom and insights.